Wants bf


Don’t want bf

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dead--heartbeat Asked: ✔♥♔♕

✔: I like guys~

♥: Pass :x

♔: Star Wars, Black Swan, Fox and the Hound, Howls Moving Castle, and umm can’t think of 5th >.< I don’t watch movies that much tbh.

♕: Don’t really have any celebrity crushes.

Sunrise <3

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y1ng-yangg Asked: Do you have Anime Amino?

I don’t know what that is, so probably not D: What is it?

Anonymous Asked: wOW YOUR SO CUTE

I believe you are mistaken. It’s my cat who is the cute one :3

twisted-color Asked: ☝ ☹ ☄ ☀ ✏

☝: I am six feet tall ^^

☹: There are so many, I could probably write a book but off the top of my head is when I’m doing laundry and someone else has all their shit in the dryer :|

☄: I wish cancer didn’t exist.

☀: Woke up, played with the cat for a bit, showered and did my face and cleaned a bit, but mostly on Tumblr today haha

✏: Both my sister and I are adopted. Both of us from different families.

*Thanks for the ask btw ^^*