I just want all the cats to love me ;-;

That sad moment when you realize you’ve lost a bunch of followers and most of them are people you reblog a lot :| Now it’s going to feel weird reblogging them :| I really must reblog too much ;-;

Or maybe its a Tumblr bug cause 40 unfollow in a few days is quite a lot :| Cause like I’m really awesome.

That feeling when you need to start doing taxes, filling out medical insurance and making your own doctors appointments and you try to convince yourself that you don’t need your parents help.

Plot Twist: Everyone on RuPaul’s Drag Race knows how to sew.

Finally starting to get some free time so made a folder of anime that I wanted to watch/catch up on while I can ^^ Now what to watch first…hmmm

I hope the picture doesn’t stay so small :|

Used to have so much fun playing this game. I miss it! D:

Playing Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, so much fun but everyone will probably hate each other by the end of the night~ BLUE SHELLS OF DEATH!!!

I don’t care too much for you safety tonight, but keep your animals safe. They are much more important.

waifumaterialx mentioned Hellraiser for horror night and I’m so much more excited now ^^ Used to watch those so much as a kid and I loved them, I still even have all the old VHS’ from the 80s xD wooo!

Exactly like my cat Monster xD

literally me…I love cleaning so much :-; GIVE ME YOUR HOUSE TO CLEAN waifumaterialx

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