Watching Clannad while drinking is always such a horrible decision, yet I always seem to do it. WHYYYYY *tears everywhere*

Was just informed I have a mental disorder because I wanted to diet till I had a flat stomach again. That sure brightened up my day.

If I don’t get laid tonight I am destroying America.

I was in such a good mood today. So much for that.

I feel the need to just delete my facebook for awhile, its not healthy how much I check to see if you unfriended me and blocked me like you did with the rest of everyone else I know. I really hate Emotions, they are lame and I would not recommend them at all :|| I know I’ll probably delete this later, but its nice to vent for a little bit >.<

Whenever I’m feeling really depressed I change my hair. Goodbye blue hair, its been nice~

I’ve started this diet where I don’t eat and just drink lots of alcohol.

I really need to start excising and dieting again. I really need a friend that will tell me not to eat and do laps instead~

I am going to be 25 in two weeks and this really upsets me. That has to be at least 50 in gay years. I’m going to be single forever.

Excuse me while I wipe all the tears off my face. Prayers for Bobby was so good and it hit really close to home. This is something my mom needs to watch, it may not change how she feels but maybe then she would understand a little more about me.

After getting kicked out of Rage last night, I am even more excited for tonight~ Who else is going to this glorious event?

I think I need a break from the Internet or something, being depressed sucks and I don’t want to end up pissing off and being mean to the people I actually do like.