WoW had no shitty players before this :[[

#I guess I have to tag my sarcasm.


About to go on an adventure with Emily. We will probably die.

Really tempted to race change to troll for that smexy haste racial. #worldofwarcraft #wow #warcraft #shadowpriest #priest #gamer #gaymer #mmo

Decided to raid and not get drunk as early today so I could kill Garrosh and Shamans~ Sadly no loot, but yay!

Quality time with Pete.

I’m Horde now, people really need to start playing with me besides Pete. His dps sucks.


Transfer complete. /dead

55 dollars to make myself Horde and transfer again. I need to start selling my body more or something.

Ji-Kun is the cutest~

Just got my Hearthstone beta, which I suppose is nice. Not really interested in the game at all but I want that mount.

I feel conflicted. I left my old guild for a more progressive guild and to play with friends, but that ended up merging with the top ally guild on the server. So do I join the 11/12 heroic guild and stay alliance, or go Horde and hope for something better, or at least a permanent guild spot because as ally I would be on a rotation and I would assume I wouldn’t get too much raiding in since there are 3 other shadow priests which are fully heroic geared out.